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By the time you read these words, you may have already been diagnosed with prostate cancer, or someone that you love may have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. 200,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. The bad news is the 1 in 6 chance that American men have in developing prostate cancer. The good news is that the annual 200,000 diagnoses come from finding prostate cancer earlier. As in all other cancers, the sooner prostate cancer is caught, the higher the chances for a cure that will minimize side effects. The journey through prostate cancer is not one that any man can embark on alone. He will have the help of not only his primary physician but of oncologists, pathologists, nurses, other patients, and his loved ones. The support of his loved ones may be the most important help a patient can receive. If you are a patient, do not be afraid to reach out to your spouse, your family, and your friends during this emotionally draining journey. If you are a spouse, a family member, or a friend to a man who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, do not hesitate to offer your support and love to him.









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