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3D-CRT and Prostate Cancer

3D-CRT is shorthand for 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy and is an advanced type of electron beam radiation therapy which is used as a prostate cancer treatment. Radiation therapy works by aiming an external beam of radiation at the prostate gland while trying to minimize the exposure of healthy tissue in the surrounding organs. 3D-CRT immobilizes the patient in a bed of styrofoam that is customized for his body. A computer generates a precise image of his internal organs. The radiation oncologist then aims waves of photons generated by a linear accelerator at the image to irradiate the malignant area. The waves are formed exactly to the shape of the treated to be treated so the surrounding healthy tissue is spared being damaged by radiation. Patients undergoing external radiation therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer will receive 5 treatments each week from Monday to Friday for 5 to 9 weeks. Patients do not undergo treatment on the weekends. Taking two days off will give the healthy organs which will suffer some inadvertent radiation damage time to recover.


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