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Bone Marrow and Prostate Cancer Chemotherapy

Bone marrow is the soft tissue found on the inside of the large bones. The bones marrow quickly produces two types of cells: the hemopoietic and stromal. Stromal cells produce fat, cartilage, and bone, while hemopoietic cells produce the blood cells: white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. The bone marrow produces these cells very quickly, so during chemotherapy, the bone marrow and its cells is at risk for being destroyed along with the cancer. Prostate cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy may experience side effects such as anemia, vulnerability to infection, injuries that do not easily heal, and decreased blood clotting. These side effects all come from chemotherapy’s destruction of the bone marrow. Prostate cancer patients once had to be admitted to the hospital and watched around the clock in case blood transfusions were necessary. Now, because of new drugs that counteract these side effects, patients more often can recover from the side effects of chemotherapy in their homes.



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