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Prostate Cancer Definition: The Glossary

The Prostate Cancer Treatment Guide provides the most comprehensive glossary of prostate cancer information available on the Internet. PCTG definitions describe the meaning of the term you want and then explain how the term relates to prostate cancer. Whether you want a quick definition of “cryotherapy” or you need a refresher as to the purpose of “nitric oxide,” PCTG provides the information you need, and additionally provides links to the larger bodies of text in the Overview and the Chart.

There are two ways to access the glossary’s prostate cancer information:

From here, simply click on the first letter of the term you want. Clicking will take you to the list of definitions that fall underneath that letter. Find the definition and click on it to see the description and explanation.

The second method is used when you are reading through the PCTG and do not know the meaning of an underlined word. Run your mouse over the word. If the word turns purple and a box shows up that says, “click here for definition,” select a box to go to the PCTG glossary. If a box does not show up, clicking will take you to the large page found in either the Chart or the Overview.





























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