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Overall Survival in Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Overall survival is a term often used during clinical trials of a certain prostate cancer treatment. Overall survival is a measure of the percentage of patients who are still living at the time of follow-up. Many doctors believe that no prostate cancer treatment has a statistically significant “better” or “worse” overall survival rate, possibly because most cases of prostate cancer have unusually slow growth rates.

At this time, there have been no randomized clinical trials dedicated to comparing all available prostate cancer treatments. There is no measurement standard that researchers have to use in measuring survival rates. Researchers measuring biochemical relapse free survival may use different PSA levels to measure the success of a treatment, while others measuring overall survival rates may not be able to locate all of their patients at the time of follow-up. Patients therefore should not choose a treatment simply based on the comparison of two outcome percentages from two different clinical trials.


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